AI Text to Speech service for streamers

TTSLabs gives Twitch streamers the ability to customize their Text to Speech, enable custom voices, add unique sound clips and more!

Our core features

Enhance your text to speech experience with these key features

Dedicated desktop app

Seamless management and playback of Text to Speech. Allows easy customization of prices, voices, sound clips and more

Faster than real-time processing

20 seconds of audio can be generated in less than 3 seconds

Custom guide for viewers

Viewers can check enabled alerts, voices, sound clips and minimum values for Text to Speech


Sync our desktop app with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control Text to Speech donations through your dashboard


Manage which donations are allowed to come through with preset levels of profanity and custom profanity filters

Sound clips

Add unique sound clips to enhance the creativity of Text to Speech donations for your viewers


Voices created using speech synthesis to artificially produce human speech. Check out all of the voices currently available here

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Get access to our TTS with many unique voices and awesome features